Hair Removal Machines

JonteLaser stands at the forefront of hair removal innovation, dedicated to supplying superior laser hair removal machines. As a distinguished laser hair removal machine manufacturer, we are committed to delivering excellence and precision in every product. Our selection caters to both beauty professionals seeking reliable equipment and individuals desiring professional-grade hair removal at home.


Our portfolio includes the latest in laser removal machines for sale, adaptable to various skin types and hair removal needs. And we guarantee that all our products adhere to the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. Whether you're in search of a professional-grade laser hair removal machine for your salon or a permanent hair removal device for personal use, JonteLaser offers a wide selection to meet your needs.

4 製品
三重波長ダイオード レーザー脱毛機 (T28) 医療 CE 承認三重波長ダイオード レーザー脱毛機 (T28) 医療 CE 承認
三重波長ダイオード レーザー脱毛機 (T28) 医療 CE 承認
冷却システム付きダイオード レーザー脱毛装置 (T8Pro) 医療 CE 承認冷却システム付きダイオード レーザー脱毛装置 (T8Pro) 医療 CE 承認
冷却システム付きダイオード レーザー脱毛装置 (T8Pro) 医療 CE 承認
携帯用ダイオード レーザー脱毛機 (T5pro) 医療 CE 承認携帯用ダイオード レーザー脱毛機 (T5pro) 医療 CE 承認
携帯用ダイオード レーザー脱毛機 (T5pro) 医療 CE 承認